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ExamGards® Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

The Handgards Black Nitrile Exam Grade Glove combines the superior fit and performance of our other nitrile gloves while adding a NEW sleek appearance.  This glove is ideal for all food preparation and service such as catering and fine dining.  This glove is a great alternative to latex, offering the same quality, durability, puncture resistance and fit without the allergy concerns.a



Nylon Ovenable Roasting Bags


Perfect for your Thanksgiving Turkey. Eliminate scouring and scrubbing of pans, saves valuable time that could be spend with family.

ValuGards® Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Our NEW VALUGARDS Nitrile Purple Disposable gloves are an excellent LATEX free alternative for jobs where a tight fitting, durable glove with great touch sensitivity is needed. Nitrile gloves provide superior resistance to punctures and tearing and last longer in certain vegetable oils and animal fats. This results in time and money savings when an operator is working with meat, such a BBQ preparation, as the Nitrile glove is more durable and will last longer than other disposable glove options. The unique purple color is an added benefit for identification if any piece is broken off during prep times.


Handgards® Disposable Expendables for Foodservice

woodskewer teabamboochopsticks teaplasticsteakmarker tea

Ordering your disposable products will be faster and easier with the addition of a variety of foodservice expendable items such as steak markers, coctktail picks, wooden skewers, chopsticks, toothpicks, and coffee stirrers.

Bamboo Knot Picks


Handgards.com/images/stories/bags/recloseablebag/lowdensityreclosable/ZG32%20Emb.jpgZipGards® Low Density Disposable Reclosable Zipper Bags with Gusset are designed to keep vegetables crisp, fruits juicy, and breads fresh. The new gusset bottom allows for “hands-free” filling.



stretchPolyEmb new

The new Stretch Poly gloves offer all the benefits of our stand latex free. This glove is a great alternative to PVC gloves





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