Offer tough products that hold up to the intense abuse in correctional facilities

Featured Products

Dual Temperature Meal Delivery CartMaintain proper temperatures for safe meal delivery.  PrisonBilt’s sole focus on the corrections market ensures that we are developing only the highest quality meal delivery equipment.  We balance the extreme requirements of a corrections environment with the most efficient meal delivery features.  Think safety, think security, think PrisonBilt.









Food Prep

Heavy Duty Mobile Mixing Bowl Stand

Meal Delivery

Aluminum Heated Transport Cabinet

Dual Temperature Meal Delivery Carts

Fully Welded Extreme Duty Steam Table

Meal and Beverage Delivery Cart

Open Tray Delivery Cart

Transport Server

Storage and Transport 

Adjustable Heavy Duty Tray Drying Rack

Aluminum Dunnage Racks

Aluminum Utility Cart

Cup Dish Rack Dolly

Fully Welded Shelving

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Platform Truck

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Utility Carts

Pan Racks

Sheet Pan Drying Rack

Stainless Steel Can Racks Full and Half Size

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