Front Of The House





 FOH®… powerful performance at a refreshing price

Set your culinary stage



Bring instant life to your table & buffet. The perfect partner for your tabletop — priced right!




Revolutionary Combination!

Kiln has a distinct personality that is complementary to the food of today.
Earthy. Moody…Beautiful.

8.5" Kiln™ Bowl74 oz Round Kiln™ Ovenware Dish W Lid6" Kiln™ Bowl


Eco-Chic Serving!

FOH® pioneers chic, eco-friendly serving solutions with our new
ROOT® Charcuterie Boards. Coming from a species of Fir trees,
each has its’ own personality, shape, texture & grain. They are
couture & one-of-a-kind.


16" x 10" ROOT<sup>®</sup> BoardTall ROOT<sup>®</sup> Riser20" x 15" ROOT<sup>®</sup> Buffet Board

Transform your Tabletop

The perfect partner for your tabletop–priced right! Made of durable
woven vinyl, stain, fade, bacteria and heat resistant (up to 300° F).

16" x 12" Metroweave<sup>®</sup> Nautical Coral14" x 72" Metroweave<sup>®</sup> Runner Mesh Green16" x 12" Metroweave<sup>®</sup> Mesh Marine



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