Innovative, sustainable and efficient meal assembly and meal delivery equipment


STEALTH Series Tray Delivery Carts

You will never hear it coming!

Modifiable: Stealth Carts can be modified to fit your needs exactly.


US Navy Marine Quiet” – Food Service Director, Major U.S. Metropolitan Hospital

  • Noise Reduction Helps
  • Improve CMS HCAHPS Scores
  • Formed ledge panel design eliminates seams and joints for noise reduction and ease of cleaning
  • Friction cam ledge mounts eliminate vibration noise when full or empty
  • Isolation pads reduce travel vibration
  • Formed side panels minimize drumming’ noise
  • Wide, cushion-tread casters are specifically engineered for noise reduction and maneuverability
  • Pivot travel pressure latch eliminates transport vibration
  • Standard Features
  • Magnetic door closure and hold-open
  • Heavy-duty lift-off door hinges
  • Top rails (3 sides) hold additional items securely
  • Convenient ergonomic full-height door grasp for easy opening
  • Anti-static floor strap
  • Base corner bumpers

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